Book Launch


VOLF: BLOOD Is now out and ready for you to read

Which path will you choose?


New Website


Website preview

I have a flashy new website now, it’s got info on the books, on me, Mini Ace and all sorts

Don’t worry, I’ll still keep on updating here (when I remember to) but I just wanted to share the newess

Been a while

Well hi guys

It’s been a while hasn’t it?

I kinda got distracted with a load of different things and then a load of other things and it’s been a pretty rough time but now I’m pretty sure that things are getting back on track and I’m going to start trying to remember to update this blog and keep things going.

So Happy 2018!

First off, I should let you know that the final part of the Amethyst Trilogy – Volf: Blood – is due out on January 25th 2018 and you can pre-order it from Pegasus and several other sources which is extremely cool.

Here is a picture of the lovely cover for your all as well


Doesn’t it look so pretty?

Also Volf: Silver is now available as an Audiobook on and it is immense fun and I highly recommend it. Still need to listen to it but it’s a very strange thing to have to hear your words spoken to you. I will update as I get through it I promise.

Working on sorting out conventions this week, have a provisional list of everything and once I’ve got a few confirmed I shall let folks know so we can party together!

Got my book plans and fanfiction plans sorted but going to start on them next week, as I have work and other interesting things to get through first but I shall update once I know what’s going on.

Anyway, that’s me for now, hope to see you all a bit sooner than a few months.


updates and progress

So yeah, another few busy weeks but quite productive in a lot of ways.

Camp Nanowrimo was completed successfully and had extra work done to it. Upshot is that book 4 for the 143 Saga is now, downside is now that I’ve got another book to write to finish it off but heyho hopefully I’ll be able to sort that out next year.

Had a little writing downtime over my birthday and the subsequent week because work just exploded into a shower of stupidity and annoyance so I am firmly back on the jobs market because I am not paid well enough to deal with this load of codswallop and my boss supports me in that decision. Got a new CV and getting some feedback but no interviews as of yet so just got to keep on trying.

Also Book 3 of the Amethyst Trilogy has been confirmed for publishing so get to start on that lovely lot all over again and really looking forward to having a full trilogy. It still feels so surreal and strange but it’s big kudos to me.

Started work back on two future projects, TSG and WA and both came out really well and feel great so I’m a happy bunny to get back into those worlds.

Plans for Nanowrimo in a few months are to do several short stories so that I can add more to the table for next year and I should really start planning my Christmas Challenge in the next few weeks because with how my crazy little life goes who knows what is going to happen come December.

So that’s my updates for now, I’ll try to keep myself a little more focused here from now on but I’m off to do some fanfiction writing now so I’ll catch you later.

Camp Nanowrimo

So yeah there’s been a few changes with the Camp Nanowrimo

Because unlike the other three books of 143 Saga which needed retelling to make them just as awesome, number four was always the one that I really liked and enjoyed because it was the most harrowing but the most fun to write too. So when the redraft started I was interested to see where it was going.

But then I started to hit a road block because I wasn’t enjoying writing it anymore. It went too dark, too off kilter with everything that I had before and I was sitting there going ‘this is just not fun anymore’

So I decided to scrap the new version and go back to the original because I did really enjoy it and basically start editing it to make it fit with the newer stuff from the first three. Of course this meant changing the ending of book number three but thank god I keep copies of the original drafts and I was able to get it all done yesterday. It’ll probably need some major faffing with when I get to possible publiciation but honestly it shouldn’t be so bad.

Plus it’s not the first time that I’ve gone back to an earlier draft to edit and sort it out because I enjoyed it so much more. Volf Gold is an perfect example of that.

So now my Camp Nanowrimo is focused on editing Find Me which does make life a little on the easier side. Right now I should probably get back to it.

Catch you all soon

Camp Nanowrimo update

Managed to get my word count in and done for today so now officially on 18775 words which is blooming good and have a lovely aww moment because Jinseok asked Kyung to marry him in the most realistic, boring and what the heck moment but it was so lovely and makes me smile so that is good.

Sorted out the contract for Corbue media as well so that is underway now too.

Ordered more copies of A Simple Wish as I only have two left and checked stock for Invasion 8 in a couple of weeks and I’ve got just enough of Volf Silver and Gold. If I get a sell out then that will be very cool indeed methinks.

Got a bunch of ideas for a rewrite of a fanfiction so started that tonight as well which is all very good