Swansea Comic and Gaming Con

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So yes, Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention was a blast. Had a really great time and got lots of books sold which was even better. A bit of a hike down but completely worth it and I had lots of fun

Plus now I’m confirmed for two short story anthologys so my work is going to focus on that for a bit and once they’re ready to go I shall put up links and the likes ^^

Editing and Mini Ace has new cosplays

Well getting there with the edit of VB, just need to finish off the next bit which will probably be done tonight after Pointless and Doctor Who. So hopefully my goal of getting it sent off on May 31st should be realistic

Today I went shopping and Mini Ace now has three new cosplays so look out for them in my photo updates from conventions fairly soon.

Now going to update my fanfictions and see what else I can get done today

Leeds Steampunk Market and Volf B editing

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Well Leeds Steampunk Fair was an interesting affair indeed, quiet in terms of sales but was able to have some fun with Mini Ace around the museum which was great.

Been working on my final installment of the Amethyst Trilogy too, so it’s edited through and hopefully I’ll it ready to go by Bank Holiday Monday to my publishers which will be brilliant. Keep your eyes peeled for whiny posts about editing


Editing Time!


So I’ve finally gotten around to starting the edit of Volf: Blood before it gets sent off to Pegasus to hopefully published and the first three chapters are done. So far there’s mainly been just cosmetic sort out my sentences and usual grammar hiccups and nothing that’s had me tearing my hair out in frustration so that’s a good start. Planning to work my way through it over the week, take a little break and then do a final check edit over it before submitting hopefully in June if all goes according to plan.

Now to just figure out how to get myself back on track with the rest of my writing stuff and make sure that I update things a bit more regularly as well

Camp Nano Win

Realised that I’ve not been keeping this up to date as much as I should have but life has been hectic.

But the upshot of the hectic life is that I’ve just won the April Camp Nano and now have book 3 of the 143 Saga completed so I’m happy with that

Means I can focus on Book 3 of the Amethyst Trilogy and hopefully get that underway soon. Cause I really need to get myself moving with that once again.

Eastercon was also great fun and I got a lot of insights from other authors which was cool and my only complaint was that the days were long, they had the freaking air conditioning on in the main dealers room which made me sound ill and at times I was a bit overwhelmed but I will head back there at some point. Got some good feedback as well which made life even more fun

Got a few more conventions coming up soon, with hopefully lots of pictures for Mini Ace and looking forward to the madness.


Camp Nanowrimo and Fanfiction

Well even though I’m late to the party I’ve been working on my Camp Nanowrimo and have over 6k words done so I’m really happy about that. Lowered my target word goal because I’ve got a big convention coming up soon and I’m debating taking my laptop cause even though it’ll be locked in the hotel room it’s just something I’m not sure on.

Alongside that I’ve been catching up on my fanfictions, save for one currently, so I’m getting myself back on track with those. I’m also planning out my actual works so I can get them sorted out properly as well. So beginning to get my crazy life settled down once again which is nice indeed.